The PHP programming language is of great importance for linking together all the technologies associated with the Web. In the language of PHP is written as a simple business site, and the most complex software systems. Now about 80% of web portals in one way or another php based on the server side. The success of the project largely depends on experienced professionals with knowledge in php programming. It is also important to project management, which allows the optimal distribution of load between the developers. 

The reasons for the popularity of development projects in the PHP language in its ease and simplicity. PHP programming is a cost effective method of generating pages on the web portal and a convenient way to access databases. This programming language has support for network sockets and network protocols: 

  • POP3;
  • HTTP;
  • COM;
  • LDAP;
  • IMAP;
  • SNMP;
  • NNTP.

Thanks to the use of WDDX, it is possible to exchange data with web applications written in other programming languages. This expands the possibilities for cost effective application development. The program code of the language itself is closed due to network security requirements.  

Tasks for which php programming is almost ideal

When considering a php developer resume, we can find out how wide the scope of this programming language is. PHP developers with more working experience can create an online store, a browser-based game, a large web portal processing hundreds of thousands and millions of requests. For large projects, in addition to software developers need hiring managers who coordinate and direct the work process. Next we will analyze, with him beginning application development.

  • Form creation. Extends the basic functionality of HTML. Information transmitted through the forms can be stored anywhere – including in the form of records in the database. 
  • Tight integration with databases. Significantly accelerates loading of pages. De facto use of databases has become a web development standard. 
  • Dynamic pages – to change tens and hundreds of thousands of pages simultaneously, it is enough to change one template on the server.  
  • The ability to store sessions and cookies on users’ computers. To do this, php programming has a huge number of modules and libraries. 
  • Extensive opportunities for uploading and editing files and their conversion between different formats. 
  • There are both libraries and modules for easy downloading of information from other sites. 

Those who are going to work with php developers should also pay attention to the advanced features of PHP programming:

  • Integration with cybersecurity. There are many modules and PHP frameworks designed to protect confidential information. 
  • Integration of cloud technologies, which are becoming more and more popular every year. 
  • A wide range of tools for working with images in different formats. 
  • Technologies for acceleration of sites working with heavy network load. 
  • Huge selection of php frameworks, libraries and modules for e-commerce tasks. 

Using the above elements and combining them, you can create a web portal of almost any complexity. These are engaged in dedicated php developers, who have years of experience. Listing the php based web applications, let’s call Slack, Wikipedia, WordPress, Pinterest, Nvidia, Tumblr, Yahoo, Flickr, Digg and many other sites. In many ways and web portal Facebook owes technology PHP for its functionality.   

Modern web development makes extensive use of generic elements. Giving them personality will help with customized web. It is enough to hire a dedicated php developer who will perform this task. It is not only modern, but also cost-effective. Also, in the development of software use a variety of php frameworks. 

The advantages of using php frameworks

Experienced software developers are actively using php frameworks, which saves time for creating and debugging web portals and a variety of applications. PHP frameworks are software platforms that are designed to simplify and automate the writing of code. They are widely used in the development of mobile applications, web applications and websites. 

Among the most popular and popular php frameworks can be called: 

  • Laravel. Cost effective method of application development. One of the first php frameworks, which has a large community of developers. 
  • Laminas Project. A great solution for implementing injection, event dispatchers, input validation, filtering, pagination and more during application development.
  • CodeIgniter. Makes web development fast and scalable. 
  • Slim. A great solution for making simple and fast php based web applications. It includes handy tools for tasks such as client-side HTTP, URL routing, session and cookie encryption.
  • Symfony isn’t just a php framework. It’s also a collection of components and a set of libraries with API and database support. If you’re doing serious work with php based web applications, you can’t do without Symfony. 
  • Phalcon. The full stack php framework with low-level architecture, memory management and security protections. A great option for client side applications.  
  • FuelPHP. Indispensable when a hierarchical content structure is required. 
  • PHPixie. Another fast and productive solution for content hierarchy work. 
  • CakePHP. This php framework comes with a huge number of libraries and components for a variety of tasks. 
  • Yii is the best solution for beginning software developers.   

Where to find dedicated php developers

The developer with years of experience knows that php programming is used not only for creating web portals and other web development. There are quite a few examples of php based systems for working with text, converting files from one format to another, generating images, flash and PDF files. Separate pride of the php programming language is the broadest support for databases. At the same time, developers are completely free to choose the operating system and the web server. All this points to the high demand for dedicated php developers. 

The best way to find experienced software developers for creating web applications and web portals is to contact our company. You can also hire managers who will provide control over the development of the project. You can be sure that our developers with years of experience will complete the task in time and with high quality.  

Our team of software developers from different countries has a long and successful experience in application development. Clients receive customer support at all stages of web applications. Our php developers are familiar with php frameworks and other cost effective methods of software development, both for back-end and front-end. We will provide a php developer resume on your request.