Top 5 Advantages to Hiring Eastern Europe Software Developers in 2020

Software companies in the West once preferred outsourcing development services to India or the Philippines. However, over the years, eyes have begun shifting to Eastern Europe.

Many businesses now realize that Eastern Europe has affordable prices, high-quality services, wide talent pools, convenient time zones, and good communication.

Eastern European companies know the subtleties of remote cooperation and have the qualities necessary to achieve success.

It’s like the region is a transition zone between the Western and Eastern markets boasting its well-developed IT sphere, with quality education, and maximum security.

Choosing Eastern European software developers can significantly cut expenditures thanks to lower hourly rates and tax rates. And at the moment the talent pool is growing due to the increasing demand. This is why Eastern Europe is becoming a new software development destination for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

5 Benefits To Hiring Software Developers in Eastern Europe


In Eastern Europe, some software development firms focus on working with US clients. English is also widely spoken in the region and often mandatory in school. It’s better to find a company that has completed projects with the corresponding technology stack. Cooperation with Eastern European countries is more convenient than outsourcing to India or other Asian countries. Any time difference still matters and needs to be taken into account.


Eastern Europe is located within more convenient time zones. Food, transportation, and lodging are inexpensive and convenient. Destinations tend to be very close to one another, people are friendly and welcoming. There’s either no time difference or, at most, a three-hour difference between European countries. This saves time and allows companies to arrange real-time meetings, which leads to more effective collaboration with nearshore companies.


In Eastern Europe, the software development market is popular and competitive. Poland, Romania, Belarus, and Ukraine are among the most popular destinations with the fast-developing IT sector. In Ukraine, outsourcing companies hire over 170,000 IT specialists generating 2.07 billion dollar revenue. For businesses that prioritize results, outsourcing in CEE(Central Eastern Europe) lets them both invest in quality teams and save money. The annual median income of a software engineer based in the U.S. is $109,983, while in CEE, it is only $40,000 for the same time frame.


The average salary for developers and IT specialists varies by region, generally getting more expensive near the West. While the average cost of a mid-level developer in the U.S. is $132 per hour, so outsourcing to regions with key skills can be essential to growth. Customers can substantially trim their budgets without compromising quality in Eastern Europe. A large pool of qualified developers is one of the primary advantages of IT outsourcing to CEE. The higher price tag is accompanied by reliable English proficiency and better-ranked educational systems.

Should I Hire Software Developers in Eastern Europe?

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe in 2020 allows businesses to outsource high-level work and cut costs.

Eastern Europe is a low-cost, high-skill outsourcing destination that has no cultural or language barriers for US clients. The talent pool in CEE is deep, well-educated, and growing. All the while the protection and convenience offered by the European Union creates a favorable international business environment.