Chatbot is a program designed for automating routine tasks. Chatbot is particularly common on e-commerce sites and helps the customer at the initial stage of order placement. There are other applications of chatbots, among them:

  • Chatbot for healthcare;
  • Chatbot for banking & finance;
  • Chatbot for entertainment;
  • Chatbot for insurance sales;
  • Chatbot for airline ticketing;
  • Chatbot on the site of a beauty salon, an auction house, a large online store.

There are many other applications of chatbots. Despite their different functions, they have some things in common. All of these chatbots help shape the sales funnel and store valuable information for future analysis. At the same time, they save employees a lot of time and make it easy to scale and build enterprise capabilities. All your business needs to get the above capabilities is a chatbot developer. Chatbot can use more than just English. It can be easily customized for any of the regional languages. Also, the capabilities of the program are enhanced by using a database of words specific to your type of activity. Almost everyone has already had to deal with chatbots, which help to navigate at the sites of banks and insurance companies. There are also chatbots for different social networks and messengers. In some cases, a chatbot, combined with a newsletter will be useful. In general, the variety of chatbots is huge – there are the simplest applications, as well as entire software systems with complex internal logic, machine learning, and AI.

What is a bot framework?

An experienced chatbot development company will offer you to create a bot framework and other services. The specifics of this software are such that the user interface is almost not required. The main interaction takes place in the software core, using the ci cd pipeline and other modern technologies. And since these technologies run on a cloud server, they need to rely on the bot framework. This component is responsible for data storage, messaging, and routing,

When you are a chatbot developer with extensive practical experience, you get a ready-to-use product, which will be one of the useful tools of the business. Greetings, farewells, and other responses for the client will be thought out. Chatbots are also useful because they reduce the number of errors in the transmission of information – because they immediately save the data entered by users in the database. Next, we’ll tell you how to create a bot framework. With bot frameworks, a variety of chatbots can use AI and machine learning technologies. This allows you to customize chatbots and expand their capabilities.

A good solution is to choose an SDK (Software Development Kit) like the Microsoft Bot framework. It contains a set of powerful tools designed to work with chatbots. When using the Microsoft Bot framework it is easy to configure the program to use any channel of communication. The program automatically singles out language constructions used by the user and reacts to them as correctly as possible. The mechanism of conversations and dialogs is built on an abstract level. This means that it does not depend on the channel through which the communication occurs.

However, the Microsoft Bot framework is not the only set of commands our developers know how to use. We can implement Facebook Bot Engine, API commands, and other modern technologies. In some cases, we need a full stack software developer. Those who are going to use chatbot developers should learn more about Ansible technology and the intricacies of UI UX design.

Not only networking technology: Paying special attention to UI-UX

UI-UX design is extremely important. While most chatbots have a modest design, some of them can really surprise you. UI-UX is a combination of UI and UX, which are equally important to create the application. UI (user interface) is a series of graphical and language elements that allow for human-computer interaction. UX, in turn, is the user’s overall experience from using a chatbot. We found that chatbot app development is a powerful server side and sophisticated UI-UX. The important question is the choice of tools for chatbot app development.

What is Ansible and why is it important for chatbots?

Many chatbots are written in general-purpose programming languages. Among them are often languages such as:

  • Java;
  • Python;
  • C++;
  • PHP;
  • Ruby;
  • Lisp.

However, chatbot app development is now increasingly using technology such as Ansible. Ansible is a largely optimal environment for chatbot app development. Ansible is based on the Python language. Ansible allows you to build complex non-linear logic, which becomes the basis for a variety of voice assistants. At the same time, it is the best tool for creating lightweight chatbots that allow you to test new technology with minimal effort. Customers’ time is additionally saved by using buttons for quick answers.

Also thanks to Ansible, voice chatbots are no longer fantastic. AI technology is used to recognize human speech.

Where do I start with chatbot app development?

Everyone who is planning chatbot app development should start with defining the goals and the tools to achieve them. If you have the business requirements at your disposal, the rest of the tasks can be done by your hired staff. Experienced specialists in bot development will help you define the goals of the project and choose the best software environment for its development.

The resulting code can be updated and expanded, first testing its capabilities in practice. In this case, you won’t need to stop the chatbot for maintenance. This is possible when  the CI-CD pipeline is used to deliver updates. All code that is written in Composer, Azure DevOps, and git goes into the chatbot, passing through automatic error protection.

How can I hire ansible developers?

If you need to hire ansible developers, talk to us. The leading chatbot development company brings together the best experts from different countries. No matter what your time zone is, you will have a comfortable work process and a high level of customer service. We can write chatbots from scratch as well as customize chatbots based on existing solutions.

Since we’ve been providing app development services for a long time, many of the problems of clients who have come to us in order to create chatbots have already been solved. It is quite possible that we have already worked with similar business requirements. We already know a lot about designing and developing, and we are constantly learning by studying artificial intelligence and other modern technologies. We are able to develop both program code and UI-UX. Clients receive customer support at all stages of bot development.

The principle we follow in designing and developing is the CI-CD pipeline. This allows us to update the software code of the project without the need to stop it for maintenance. Among our specialists, there are some who are full stack technologists.

An experienced software developer will tell you which chatbot to recommend for your business requirements. Among all the chatbot development services we have not only the most experienced chatbot developers but also the most experienced ansible developers. Tracking trends in the UI-UX world, we help clients create chatbots that become a nice feature of the website.

For those who are professionally involved in e-commerce, we advise bots with customer data retention and the ability to perform marketing tasks. We also work with those who are sure they will not need a chatbot. Ask a question to our experts. They might be able to convince you.